August 14, 2018



Use of interactive, serious games based applications for vocational training is rapidly increasing in many sectors.

With increased processing power, devices (PCs and mobile tablets) can provide more realistic, life-like experience to users.


To address the needs of the healthcare industry, we are developing  a 3D simulation environment for vocational training of medical personnel (doctors, nurses, technicians, students) for various medical processes.

The system consists of multi-platform end user applications (Web for PC and Mac computers, iPad and Android tablets)

and a SCORM/ Tin Can (Experince API – xAPI) compliant Learning Management System.


With these serious game applications, the trainee is presented with different roles in a 3D realistic environment and

is first given a step by step interactive training for proper medical processes to be followed.

After completing the training, the trainee is presented with different cases and challenges to try out his/her knowledge.

All interactions within the simulation (serious game) is measured and tracked using the SCORM/ Tin Can API and can be evaluated and reported.

The serious game based medical training system can be used as an effective preparatory stage to prepare the trainees before training on hands-on simulators.


This project has been selected for support by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey)

within high priority  R&D support grant (1511) Program.


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  • On the Job training for health professionals in sterilization
    • Sterilization Process flow and procedures in a realistic 3D virtual DSSC
    • Control the Avatar DSSC technician through disinfection and sterilization process
    • Realistic Sterilization Equipment UI and usage training
    • Guided learning for correct process flow
  • Works on Web, iPad, Android tablets
  • Multilingual support





  • ERC/American Heart Assoc. 2015 algorithm based Life Support training
  • Addresses general public
  • Two Modules
    • Self paced Training
    • Timed/tracked test (SCORM X-Api )
  • Works on Web, iPad, Android tablets
  • Multilingual support
  • Includes AED usage training

  • THY TUBITAK Project

    Momentum provides 3D modelling and animation services for THY TUBITAK supported e-learning and VR project.

  • STERIS launched the IPT Connect App developed by Momentum

    Momentum is cooperating with STERIS, a global leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies, to use 3D Simulation in product marketing and training.