Bee for Maya
January 15, 2012

Bee™ harnesses the power of the GPU for high-quality, high-performance real-time rendering within Maya. Bee™ allows the graphics artists to instantly see the effects of changes in shader parameters and textures in Bee™’s custom Maya viewport renderer. With Bee™, one can observe how advanced high dynamic range post-processing effects and real-time shadows and light shafts enrich the scene and characters visually. Existing Maya scenes can be effortlessly converted for real-time rendering with Bee™. Custom Bee™ shading nodes employing advanced techniques such as texture-space processing and real-time reflection are developed using a combination of .hlsl and Bee™’s own .xml based effect specification language.




  • DirectX-10 based high-performance fully-integrated custom Maya viewport renderer
  • Several built-in shaders, including parallax occlusion mapping, hair and skin shading with advanced subsurface scattering
  • Specify what maps to use: color, normal, specular, occlusion and more
  • Multiple Maya point/spot/directional lights affect shaded objects and cast shadows
  • Projective texturing for lights
  • Glossy environment reflections using cube/dual paraboloid maps
  • High Dynamic Range rendering with Anti-Aliasing
  • Real-time reflection effects (mirrors)
  • Post-processing effects including bloom and depth-of-field
  • Atmospheric effects such as fog and rain
  • High quality real-time shadow rendering
  • Real-time light shaft rendering with shadows
  • Transparency handling with alpha-blending and sorting
  • Hardware-accelerated skinning and blendshape animation from Maya skinCluster and blendShape nodes
  • Built-in OGRE material exporter

Please contact us for further inquiry about Bee™.