Modeling&Rendering Solutions

Digital animation and interactive entertainment using 3D graphics modeling are Momentum’s core focus areas. We provide a wide range of 3D graphics products and services to our customers including both real-time and off-line rendering solutions. Momentum’s technologies in 3D face modeling and animation are augmented with state-of-the-art graphics programming expertise including GPU shader programming and modeling/animation authoring tools.

Bee for Maya

Bee™ harnesses the power of the GPU for high-quality, high-performance real-time rendering within Maya. Bee™ allows the graphics artists to instantly see the effects of changes in shader parameters and textures in Bee™’s custom Maya viewport renderer. With Bee™, one can observe how advanced high dynamic range post-processing effects and real-time shadows and light shafts enrich the scene and characters visually. Existing Maya scenes can be effortlessly converted for real-time rendering with Bee™. Custom Bee™ shading nodes employing advanced techniques such as texture-space processing and real-time reflection are developed using a combination of .hlsl and Bee™’s own .xml based effect specification language.




  • DirectX-10 based high-performance fully-integrated custom Maya viewport renderer
  • Several built-in shaders, including parallax occlusion mapping, hair and skin shading with advanced subsurface scattering
  • Specify what maps to use: color, normal, specular, occlusion and more
  • Multiple Maya point/spot/directional lights affect shaded objects and cast shadows
  • Projective texturing for lights
  • Glossy environment reflections using cube/dual paraboloid maps
  • High Dynamic Range rendering with Anti-Aliasing
  • Real-time reflection effects (mirrors)
  • Post-processing effects including bloom and depth-of-field
  • Atmospheric effects such as fog and rain
  • High quality real-time shadow rendering
  • Real-time light shaft rendering with shadows
  • Transparency handling with alpha-blending and sorting
  • Hardware-accelerated skinning and blendshape animation from Maya skinCluster and blendShape nodes
  • Built-in OGRE material exporter

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3D Modeling and Animation

Momentum has developed proprietary technologies for generating personalized 3D face models and for realistically animating these models in real-time. These technologies are compatiable with popular modeling, animation and rendering tools like Autodesk® Maya® and 3ds Max®.

3D Characters for Presentations

Momentum has applied its 3D face modeling and animation technology to easily create fascinating presentations with virtual characters in them. These presentations can be embedded into web sites, regular 2D presentations (e.g. Powerpoint®) and other office documents. Interactivity can be added using Flash animation technology.



  • Personalized human body and face models
  • Realistic skeleton and face animations with lip synchronization and expressions
  • Professional look-and-feel with fascinating audio-visual effects
  • Interactivity for Flash animations



  • Can be used in impressive corporate presentations, press releases, newsletters, etc.
  • Visual human interaction can be added very rapidly at a very low-cost
  • Can be used with audio recording input, or text input only with Momentum’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) technology


Interactive presentation with a 3D character: