TV Solutions

D-Smart BLU Over-The-Top Content(OTT) Services

Momentum is the local system integrator for the Kit Digital CMS system in D-Smart OTT service: D-Smart BLU. Momentum is also developing the Web, iPad, iPhone, Android and Windows 8 frontend OTT applications for D-Smart BLU.

Interactive TV Solutions
Momentum is a leading developer of interactive applications and digital content for digital TV set-top boxes (STBs). We combine cross-platform software development skills and digital broadcast optimized content creation expertise to deliver revenue generating services for our customers.

Interactive Applications for D-Smart Platform

Momentum is the main supplier for interactive applications on Turkeys’ new Digital Platform: D-Smart.


TV Applications

  • Interactive Portals
  • Games
  • Mozaic Guide
  • Horosocope
  • Pay-Per-View Purchase Portal (Loca)
  • Financial News Portal
  • Champions League Trivia
  • Red Button Commercials

Interactive E-Learning

In addition to using the classical interactive capabilities of the interactive digital Set-Top Box (STB), Momentum has also developed an interactive e-learning portal on D-Smart. In addition to any broadcast video, with this service, the participants can view interactive courses and take exams through their STB’s. Both types of interactive content can be specifically authored or automatically converted from existing materal through specialized software. It is also possible to track usage and results of the students centrally, which is summarized in a personalized STB portal. This project has received TUBITAK support and has been completed in 2010.


Finance Portal


Nesine Betting Portal


Loca Pay-Per-View Purchase Portal


Euro 2008 Portal


The Tavla (Backgammon) and Okey games have both single player and multiplayer modes of gameplay. In multiplayer mode, both games are played against other players either playing through D-Smart STB’s or the online gaming network of e-Kolay, a D-Smart partner.


    • Genre(s) : Board Games
    • Platform(s) : STBs
    • Release Date : 26/08/2008


    • Genre(s) : Board Games
    • Platform(s) : STBs
    • Release Date : 26/08/2008




    • Genre(s) : Strategy
    • Platform(s) : PC,iOS,Android,HTML
    • Release Date : 26/06/2012


    • Genre(s) : Sport
    • Platform(s) : PC,iOS,Android,HTML,STBs
    • Release Date : 13/02/2012

    Kurtlu Elma

    • Genre(s) : Action
    • Platform(s) : PC,iOS,Android,HTML,STBs
    • Release Date : 23/06/2011


    • Genre(s) : Action
    • Platform(s) : PC,iOS,Android,HTML,STBs
    • Release Date : 09/03/2011

    Mega Misket

    • Genre(s) : Puzzle
    • Platform(s) : STBs
    • Release Date : 23/08/2010

    Hazine Avcisi

    • Genre(s) : Turn Based Strategy
    • Platform(s) :STBs
    • Release Date : 16/06/2010


    • Genre(s) : Puzzle
    • Platform(s) :STBs
    • Release Date : 10/04/2010


    • Genre(s) : Shooting
    • Platform(s) :STBs
    • Release Date : 01/02/2010


    • Genre(s) :Puzzle
    • Platform(s) :STBs
    • Release Date : 03/01/2010