Research Projects

Momentum has a strong track record in funded R&D projects by national and international institutions. The application of accumulated research know-how into practical use lead to concrete, useful technological deliverables in the form of patented algorithms, effective software tools, and interactive multimedia content.


3DTV Integrated Three-Dimensional Television

Momentum is already a partner in the 6th European Union Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (EU FP6) Network of Excellence (NoE) called 3DTV – Integrated Three-Dimensional Television–Capture, Transmission and Display”, contributing to the joint research efforts on 3-D face modeling and animation. This is a 48-month project (2004-2008) with a total budget of €6M and 18 other partners.


3-D Game Based E-learning System

This project was supported by The Scientific and Technological Reseach Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). It lasted between 2004 – 2007 and had a $1.5M budget. The details of the work is defined in the TEYDEB Project No. 3050135. The project was successfully completed according to schedule and resulted in a set of game development tools, which were used in the development of the critically acclaimed 3D adventure game Culpa Innata™.


3-D Human Face Modeling and Animation for Lip Reading

This project was supported by TUBITAK. It lasted for 12 months and was successfully completed in 2004. The project budget was $750K. The outcome of this project was a collection of new techniques and tools for automatic lip and expression animation of talking virtual characters. Combined with our facial and body modeling and animation techniques, the technology developed for this project was used in a novel 3-D animation series product. The series called Adile Teyze ve Kuzucuklar appeared on a major national TV in Turkey during 2006-2007.