3D Modeling & Animation

Momentum has developed proprietary technologies for generating personalized 3D face models and for realistically animating these models in real-time. The 3D face models are generated using only a few photographs and they accurately represent the geometry and the texture of the face in every direction.



The patented model generation method is insensitive to position, scale and illumination differences among photographs, rotation inaccuracies, and any perspective deformations due to the camera lens. The head models are seamlessly integrated with skeletally animated body models.



The animation technology employs a patented double-layer mesh deformation scheme for animating facial movements and a novel viseme generation scheme for lip-synchronization. The model generation, skeletal animation, facial animation, and lip-synchronization technologies are extensively used in the creation of the TV series “Adile Teyze ve Kuzucuklar”. The main features of these technologies are as follows:


Face model generation

  • Personalized and photorealistic face models
  • Economical and fast model generation
  • Resolution-scalable and MPEG-4 ready


Face animation

  • Realistic facial expressions and lip animation
  • Real-time rendering
  • Band-width efficient for mobile and Internet applications



The models are assigned materials that include high-definition utility textures and GPU programs for state-of-the-art rendering techniques like dynamic soft shadows, crease maps, bump maps, and subsurface scattering.



3D Body & Face Modeling & Animation. A brief overview of Momentum’s 3D modeling and animation technologies.